73 deaths per week due to welfare reforms… Time is running out people


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Has Ed the ball Milliband been reading my articles?


“Mr Miliband accused the Government of seeking to ‘divide and rule’, by portraying benefit claimants as ‘scroungers’.” – Source: The Daily Mail 13/12/12


“And let’s not forget that many of the unemployed have paid their national insurance stamp for years on end. You see, you pay national insurance in case you find yourself unemployed… It’s not fucking Rocket Science people. Wake up. You are directing your anger and hatred towards the wrong people. Divide and conquer wins every time, and the majority of you idiots, fortunate enough to be in gainful employment fall for it time and time again.” Source – Chris Spivey 11/12/12


A Freedom of Information document from the DWP has revealed that rather than an average of 32 deaths per week as a result of Welfare Reform that figure has now risen to an average of 73 deaths per week!


When is this going to stop?! When are people going to wake up and help us fight against this government?!  We need help!

How many more vulnerable, sick and disabled people have to die before something is done?!

As a disabled person, I don’t want to live in this country any more. We’re frightened of losing our benefits and our independence. It is happening.

People are being left with nothing! Vulnerable, sick and disabled people are being left destitute after having their benefits wrongly cut, by a cruel and callous government!


As a person with Cerebral Palsy, who cannot walk or stand unaided, I know my turn for an assessment is coming soon…and I’m terrified! I know I will fail.

I’m luckier than some I know, because I have my wonderful husband (and his Pension Credit) to help us live, but there will be no more independence for me (what there is of it), because if I lose my Disability Living Allowance, I may as well close my bank account. There will be nothing going into it!

I’m going to be completely reliant on my husband, and feel even more of a burden than I already do. At the moment I can help pay household bills – just like any ‘normal’ wife does. I can get taxis to see friends, and attend appointments alone when I am able. It enables me to feel just like everyone else.

The government has already taken a lot of my self esteem, and my place in society. The constant, relentless lies about Disability Benefit Fraud has done that for me.

You see, the real fraud figures are very different to what the government would have you believe. In reality only 1 in every 200 claimants is committing fraud, but  the unceasing’scrounger’ rhetoric has made me, and many others feel virtually worthless, and very unwanted – no matter how genuine we are.

I hate this country and I’m beginning to hate myself again. I thought I’d accepted my life, it’s limitations and constant pain.

I know I will never be a mother and I know I won’t work again. I did work once – for a year. I was dedicated, hard working, and always there when needed, but I was exhausted and in agony. I came home…and slept.

My boss knew I was struggling. I was pale and losing weight. When my contract came to an end, they didn’t renew it.

I was heartbroken because I loved my job, but I was relieved at the same time. In reality I didn’t know how much I could take.

I’m exhausted now, and my pain (through wear and tear on my body) is worse. It is always there, and some days I can barely move, never mind get myself out of bed and get to work!

Who is going to employ me? I’d have  to take regular days off because I am mind numbingly exhausted and in agony. Not to mention the frequent hospital and GP appointments…!

How many times will my employer put up with me saying “I’m sorry, I can’t come in today”…before they sack me, in favour of somebody who CAN?!

This is not my fault. I didn’t choose my life – none of us did. None of us would! To cut our benefits now, in this economic climate when there are no jobs even for the able bodied, is nothing short of barbaric!

It is inhumane, callous and cruel to treat a whole section of society in this way. The fact that we are some of the poorest, most vulnerable people in society just makes it worse!

How can they do it? How can they hurt people like this? How is it right that this government is able to drive people to suicide (regularly) and hardly anyone bats an eye lid?!

Why is this not a real Human Rights issue by now? Surely it counts as one! It is the oppression of people, and that should be covered somewhere…somehow.

Where has the compassion gone? That’s what makes me saddest I think. People just don’t seem to care like they used to. Have we become that selfish and blinkered as a society, that we can close our eyes to the suffering of others? If we have, it makes me more ashamed of what is happening here!

I no longer trust people like I did, and I will never forgive this government for that. When is it my turn to become a statistic in the 20% national rise in Disability Hate Crime? I’m terrified it will happen.

Will I be one of the people who gets my property vandalised? Will I be verbally abused or physically attacked when I go out in my wheelchair? That thought crosses my mind every time I go out. People should not have to live like this!

We suffer enough, and now we have to deal with victimisation, extra anxiety and pure fear for our futures as well.

It is easy to make judgements. In my case, my disability is visible, but there are so many illnesses and disabilities that aren’t, and it is these people who are often victims of ‘Scrounger’ abuse, but just because you can’t see it, it doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

It is these people too, who will suffer most as a result of the assessment process. The suffering caused by mental illness or invisible disability is not as easily quantifiable – but it can be just as debilitating as any physical visible condition.

As for me, I don’t know what will happen to me on assessment day. I don’t know if I’ll be able to handle questions based on a ‘tick box’ computer programme, that doesn’t allow for pain or variation and rarely takes a person’s medical records in to account. I know that I’ll be set up to fail.

I know that it could be a person who is not medically qualified and who, after meeting me for forty five minutes, will decide whether I get to keep my life, my independence, and my pride intact.

No wonder I wake up sweating, (that’s if I actually get to sleep of course)! No wonder I am plagued by anxiety that buries itself in the pit of my stomach every night and refuses to budge. I am fighting for my life. We all are. I’m waiting for an envelope to drop on the mat and tell me that it’s my turn.

Every time the letter box goes, I jump half a mile out of my skin! I am unable to open, or even look at official envelopes because I am so scared that it just might be it. It isn’t just me. The panic and fear I feel every single day is widespread through the disabled people of this country.

My only consolation, is knowing that I am not alone.

Disabled and ill people like me need your help now, We need the help of our Councillors, MP’s and society at large. This should not be happening to us.

Even if you feel that can’t get involved in our fight, you’d be surprised how much difference a few kind words of support can make. It gives people hope when it can feel like there is none.

I’m asking you – one human being to another – to not let them take our lives. There is no difference between you and I. Anyone can be struck by illness or disability at any time. No one is immune. It only takes a second for lives to be changed forever, and I hope that if it does, there will be someone there who is willing to fight for you.

Helen Sims http://welfarenewsservice.co.uk/archives/519#.UMk3duR94bQ



Disability handouts to be cut or stopped for 330,000 claimants as Government aims to end ‘welfare for life’

Benefits clampdown: Disability minister Esther McVey

Benefits clampdown: Disability minister Esther McVey defends change

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2247290/Disability-handouts-cut-stopped-330-000-claimants-Government-aims-end-welfare-life.html#ixzz2Ev6HpVPC
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The Government is to reduce or stop disability allowance for hundreds of thousands of claimants in a bid to end unchecked ‘welfare for life’.

The clampdown comes as new figures suggest that seven in ten of those claiming the benefit go through the system without proper checks.

Ministers intend to reassess an initial 560,000 claimants, and expect that 330,000 – nearly 60 per cent – will get no award or a reduced sum after the checks.

There are currently 3.2million adults claiming disability living allowance (DLA), costing Britain £13.2billion a year – equivalent to the entire budget for the Department for Transport.

The number of claimants has more than trebled since the benefit was created in 1992.

Disability minister Esther McVey said without reform, one in every 17 adults would be claiming DLA by 2018.

The Tory minister said the vast majority of claimants – 71 per cent – get the benefit ‘for life’, often having filled in an initial claim form about their capability themselves.

She added that about a third of people with a disability had a change in a condition in a year – some for the worse, but many for the better.

This suggests that in many cases claimants may no longer need the full benefit or any allowance at all.

The first 560,000 claimants will be reassessed by October 2015.

The group consists of those who report a change in circumstance or who have been given a time-limited award that comes to an end.

In a concession to critics, the Government will slow down the timetable for checks on the remaining claimants, which will begin in 2015. It is not clear that the same proportion  will see benefits reduced in the second stage as in the first.


An independent review of the first stage of reform will be conducted in 2014.

The Government has already identified £630million in overpayments and £190million in underpayments, highlighting the turmoil in the welfare system. 

Miss McVey said: ‘It has been considered a static benefit, not a dynamic one. But there will be people getting better thanks to medical advances or who overcome an impairment. So we need new and more regular assessments.

Condemning: David Cameron called Labour the party of 'unlimited welfare' as he faced criticism over the benefits clampdown at Prime Minister's Questions on WednesdayCondemning: David Cameron called Labour the party of ‘unlimited welfare’ as he faced criticism over the benefits clampdown at Prime Minister’s Questions on Wednesday

‘DLA is an outdated benefit introduced over 20 years ago.

‘At the moment the vast majority of people get the benefit for life without systematic checks to see if their condition has changed.’ The Coalition is replacing DLA with a new benefit, called the personal independence payment.

It will be designed to target more generous support towards ‘those who need it most’.

The new system will involve a medical expert assessing a claim in a face-to-face appointment, and regular later checks.

Last night, charities voiced a chorus of protest at plans to slash the disability benefit bill.

A poll by campaign group Disability Alliance found that 9 per cent of survey respondents said losing the disability living allowance ‘may make life not worth living’.

The group has also protested that the Government had identified cuts in spending before consulting on which elements of benefits needed to be reformed.

The clampdown on disability benefit emerged as the Conservatives and Labour traded increasingly bitter blows over efforts to cut the vast welfare budget.

Challenge: Labour Leader Ed Miliband's claim that the new benefits system will lower-income families in work was disputed by David CameronChallenge: Labour Leader Ed Miliband’s claim that the new benefits system will lower-income families in work was disputed by David Cameron

At Prime Minister’s Questions yesterday, David Cameron condemned Labour as the party of ‘unlimited welfare’.

Ed Miliband made clear Labour will oppose Government plans to cap most out-of-work benefits and tax credits to a below-inflation 1 per cent increase for the next three years.

Labour claims that the squeeze will hit lower income families who are in work but in receipt of tax credits as well as the unemployed, but the Prime Minister insisted that such concern is misplaced.

Working families would be more than compensated by other measures, most notably, a record increase in the basic rate income tax threshold to £9,440, Mr Cameron said.

Officials say the average working family would be £125 a year better off next year once the income tax break, the tax credit squeeze and the cancellation of a 3p rise in fuel duty are taken into account.

Savings from the welfare cap are so significant that it would take a 1p rise income tax to plug the gap.

Mr Miliband accused the Government of seeking to ‘divide and rule’, by portraying benefit claimants as ‘scroungers’.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2247290/Disability-handouts-cut-stopped-330-000-claimants-Government-aims-end-welfare-life.html#ixzz2Ev5ijBkw
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