Niece ‘molested’ by Savile ‘driven to suicide’ by Facebook taunts as claims emerge the TV star preyed on girls in cathedral


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The great niece of Jimmy Savile has told how she was driven to the brink of suicide by the Facebook backlash after claiming she was one of the TV star’s victims. 

Caroline Robinson, 49, spoke out last month about how she had been abused twice by her great uncle, who was best known for his Jim’ll Fix It TV show, by the time she was 15.

But Ms Robinson, whose late grandmother Marjorie Marsden was Savile’s older sister, has received a barrage of abuse from other Facebook users after going public with her claims.

Jimmy Savile

Attacks: Caroline Robinson (left), 49, of North Yorkshire, claimed to have been molested twice by Jimmy Savile (right) the age of 15 – but after speaking out she has been accused of lying by people on Facebook

She last night told how she was driven to attempting an overdose before her husband David Robinson, 65, found her at their home near Leyburn, North Yorkshire, and talked her out of it.

Mrs Robsinson told the Daily Star on Sunday: ‘One part of me wishes that I had never said a word and taken my secret to the grave. I really wanted to end it all.


‘Now I know why so many victims of abuse stay silent.’  

One Facebook user accused her of lying – adding that there was a ‘nice long line of people wanting to smack’ her after she told how Savile had abused her.

Another wrote it was a ‘load of b*******’ while another said her claims ‘were beyong belief’. 

Her husband last night said her abusers should ‘be ashamed of themselves’ after his wife was driven to attempting an overdose because of their comments.


Unhappy memories: Mrs Robinson (pictured right aged 12) claimed her late grandmother, Savile’s sister Marjorie Marsden (left), kept quiet on the abuse to ‘preserve his fame’

Retired engineer Mr Robinson said: ‘Outwardky she has been putting on a brave face but behind closed doors she has been a mess.’

The couple’s ordeal come as new reports of Savile abusing schoolgirls in the vestry of a Catholic cathedral have emerged.

A former schoolgirl told the Sunday Mirror that there were rumours that the TV star had abused a girl in the vestry at Leeds Cathedral and that pupils at her nearby primary school were told not to sit near Savile when they visited the church in the 1960s.  

She said: ‘As we trooped in he would be waiting. He would turn and grin.

‘We were told to sit away from him because of talk he had taken a girl into the vestry.

‘He was there every week. I remember him being shifty and grinning, I found him creepy.’

A spokesman for Leeds Cathedral said: ‘There was a school which took children to the cathedral in the late 1960s. But we have no record of any complaint made against Jimmy Savile.’ 

It comes as police investigate 300 cases of alleged abuse by Savile across three decades.

Sir Jimmy Savile's Great Niece Caroline RobinsonRevelation: Caroline Robinson said her grandmother Marjorie Marsden knew the DJ had abused her and believes she was well aware he was a prolific and predatory paedophile
Caroline Robinson
Jimmy Savile allegedly abused lots of under-age girls

Speaking on ITV’s This Morning about her family experience, Caroline Robinson, 49, left, said she was abused by her great-uncle aged 12 and revealed that her family knew and tried to protect Savile’s fame

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