Elvis and his little girls


Christopher Spivey

I see that the Monkey-Boyz have finally gone public with something that I first wrote about in 2012 – SEVEN years ago.

I am in fact referring to the Chimps outing of the paedophile, Elvis Presley… Although they appear to have done a very quick about turn and removed the farticle.

In fact all traces that the farticle ever existed have been removed from the Chimp’s website, so it’s lucky that I bookmarked it and as such can prove that it at least existed (see photo below).

Yet when I click on that bookmark it now takes me straight to the Chimps homepage.

Further proof that the farticle existed comes when I type the words: “Elvis Presley was a paedophile and had girlfriends…” into Google which obviously brings up my browsing history (see photo below):

Very fucking strange, but who knows; maybe the cunts were embarrassed that I wrote most of the details that were revealed in their farticle back in December 2012 in my article: Celebrity Paedophiles.

I mean there has to be a reason why the Monkey-Nutz have deleted their farticle and there can also be no doubt that Elvis was a nonce.

After all, Elvis was a 24 yr old Army conscript when he met his then 14 year old future wife, Priscilla on an army base in Germany and within months, “the heartthrob” had persuaded her parents to let their CHILD go to live with him in America.

However, according to Wikipedia, Elvis already had a girl living at Graceland at the time… A girl even younger than Priscilla:

Elvis and Priscilla  first met in 1959 while Elvis was stationed in Germany with the U.S. Army. Priscilla was only 14 years old when the singer began dating her. He was 24, and at that time, he even had a younger girl living in his house…

Nevertheless, Elvis apparently got Priscilla’s parents to agree to her going to live with him by promising them that their 14 yr old daughter would be living with his father, Vernon, and stepmother, Dee Presley, at a home Elvis had bought on Hermitage Drive – located at the back of Graceland.

Graceland, as I’m sure you all know was Elvis’ family home that he named in tribute to his Mother.

However Priscilla’s parents were either extremely gullible or they were prepared to turn a blind eye to what was going on because the living arrangements that Elvis had proposed only lasted a couple of weeks after which, Priscilla would slip back and forth between the two houses.

In fact in an interview with ABC, Priscilla was asked about that time:

‘Priscilla said her parents were apprehensive about the situation at first, but they ultimately changed their minds. ‘Well, after they met Elvis they — you know, Elvis could talk his way out of a paper bag’, said Priscilla. ‘I mean, he literally was charming. It threw my parents. They were totally taken aback by him’. Elvis’ mother had died not long before and he seemed to be in need of companionship and nurturing. Priscilla immediately assumed the role of caregiver and despite their age difference, she became one of Elvis’ closest confidantes’.

And of course, the fact of the matter is that most nonces appear charming to those that they are looking to take advantage of.

Tellingly, Priscilla ended the interview with the following words:  ‘being with Elvis was never normal’.

Course, she was right there wasn’t she? I mean it is not normal for a man, who at 24 yrs old could have any woman in the world that he wanted, to choose a 14 year old schoolgirl.

Course, being the legend that he was no one wants to hear a bad word said about him. In fact, his diehard fans will point to the many numerous books written about Elvis which proclaimed him to be a good, god fearing man, with nothing but good intentions towards his school girl bride to be.

And if you believe that old bollocks you will believe anything because at 24, Elvis had already been a major star for at least 4 years. He was also well on his way to drug addiction at that time.

Priscilla also maintains that they didn’t have sex until their wedding night. However, that claim is questioned by biographers such as Alanna Nash:

They married on May 1, 1967 in Las Vegas, Nevadaand daughter Lisa Mariewas born nine months later on February 1, 1968 in Memphis, Tennessee. In her book, Elvis and Me, Priscilla describes her daily life with her husband. She also says that Presley became fascinated with the occult and metaphysical phenomena and an addict to prescription drugs, which dramatically changed his personality from playful to being passive and introverted…

Just pausing briefly here, you will note that Nash claims Elvis was into the occult, and the overwhelming evidence is that to get to the top you have to be into Satan worship and fuck children.

Right, getting back to what Nash says about Elvis and Priscilla’s love life:

“Her sex life with Elvis still consisted largely of foreplay or videotaped sex games between herself and another girl. It was not Priscilla’s ideal. ‘At first I took this personally, but even the relationships he had after me … were not consummated.

Furthermore, Priscilla half contradicts herself in the book that she co wrote in 1985 with Sandra Harmon, entitled ‘Elvis and me’. According to her account, the singer told Priscilla that:

“They had to wait until they were married before having intercourse. He said, “I’m not saying we can’t do other things. It’s just the actual encounter. I want to save it”.

And when he said that: “I’m not saying we can’t do other things“, he certainly wasn’t fucking kidding was he!

Course, even before that new Chimp farticle was released and deleted Elvis’ love life and sexual preferences had been the subject of much debate over the years. Certainly, a very large number of those who knew Elvis hint towards him being a deviant and paedophile. Others, such as the author Albert Goldman, didn’t even bother to hint. He came directly out with it, publicly declaring Elvis to be a “Pervert” and a “Paedophile”.

Moreover, in her book, ‘Baby, Let’s Play House’: Elvis Presley and the Women Who Loved Him’, Alanna Nash states that Elvis had a preference for playing ‘Pygmalion’  and ‘Father to very young girls whom he delighted in making over’.

Similarly, at least according to Albert Goldman, the reason that Elvis shied away from having sexual intercourse was that:

“Elvis was a voyeur. What he sought as his erotic goal was a group of girls who would agree to strip down to their panties and wrestle with each other.

Elvis plays the strutting, overbearing macho in public, but in private, he loves nothing better than to roughhouse with teenage girls with whom he exchanges beauty secrets. His basic erotic image is a crotch covered with white panties and showing a bit of pubic hair”.

Goldman’s claim appears to be backed up by Alan Fortas, an all-Memphis football halfback who became a bodyguard to the star and part of the Presley entourage. He stated that:

“Elvis needed someone to baby more than he needed a sex partner. He craved the attention of someone who adored him without the threat of sexual pressure, much as a mother would.” Furthermore, “Elvis befriended some of the young girls who used to cluster adoringly in his driveway, or outside the fence … Some of the girls were as young as fourteen. Fortas said they were frequent houseguests who attended his concerts as part of ‘Elvis’s personal travelling show.’ Out in the backyard, they romped with Elvis in the Doughboy pool and challenged him to watermelon-seed spitting contests. They also slipped into his bedroom.”

Other published claims alluding to Presley being a paedophile come from Reuben Fine who claims that:

“In his love life he [Elvis] quickly became attached to teenage girls, and he loved to have them wearing white panties in bed with him. For a long time he would not have sex with them, whom he described as ‘jail bait.’ “

In similar terms, Brent D. Taylor has stated that:

 “Elvis’s closest female relationships were usually with young girls of around 13 or 14, ending as they reached late teens”.

In that interview with ABC, Priscilla also talked about the way that she had to wait hand and foot on Elvis, who was still mourning the loss of his mother.

Indeed I have personally read 2 or 3 pieces on Elvis which claims that the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll had had an incestuous relationship with his mother. Course, how true that claim was is a matter of debate, although it can be said that in the poor quarters of the American Deep South, where Presley was born, incest was far from uncommon.

Interestingly enough, Wikipedia actually – albeit inadvertently – backs up that claim:

In a newspaper interview with The Memphis Press Scimitar, Elvis himself was open about the close relationship to his mother. “She was the number-one girl in his life, and he was dedicating his career to her.” Throughout her life, “the son would call her by pet names”, and they communicated by baby talk. Presley even shared his mother’s bed “up until Elvis was a young teen”, simply because the family was so extremely poor that they couldn’t afford the luxury of two beds.

According to Elaine Dundy, “it was agony for her to leave her child even for a moment with anyone else, to let anyone else touch Elvis.”Presley himself said, “My mama never let me out of her sight. I couldn’t go down to the creek with the other kids.” His father talked about Elvis’s close relationship to his mother “after his son became famous, almost as if it were a source of wonder that anyone could be that close.”

Course, the notion that the Presley family were dirt-poor is also pure fiction albeit good propaganda. Indeed, Elvis was actually Jewish which of course doesn’t mean that he wasn’t born into poverty.

However, Miles Mathis puts that myth to bed in his article: Elvis Aron Presley – Intelligence Project

In that article, Mathis states:

We are told that Gladys’ great-grandmother may have been a Cherokee, but that is misdirection. The truth is, Gladys’ great-grandmother was Jewish.

Gladys herself was Jewish, though she apparently did not practice due to disapproval by her husband. However, Elvis knew she was Jewish and considered himself to be Jewish as well (knowing the descent was matrilineal).

Elvis was a life member of the Jewish Community Center in Memphis. He always wore a Chai pendant, which you can see in the photo below.

Chai means “life” in Hebrew, and indicates the lowest emanation of God.

Growing up, Elvis had been head of the Memphis Mafia, a group of boys known for their swagger. Other members included George Klein*, Marty Lacker, Larry Geller and Alan Fortas — all Jewish.

Alan Fortas was the nephew of a US Supreme Court Justice, so the story about Elvis being poor and with no connections was also false. His friends weren’t just Jews, they were prominent Jews.

Moreover, there are countless photos of Elvis as a child pictured with his mother and/or father yet photography was expensive in the 1940’s & 50’s and well beyond the reach of the poverty stricken.

Furthermore, for such a god fearing man, Elvis certainly didn’t take his marriage vows seriously, having had numerous affairs throughout his time with Priscilla. How many of those he actually had intercourse with is still open for debate.

For instance, June Juanic alleges in her book Elvis in the Twilight of Memory’ that Presley’s wholly corrupt manager, Colonel Tom Parker encouraged a reluctant Elvis to go out with beautiful women only “for the publicity”.

Certainly, there is no doubting that the young actress Natalie Wood, who Presley supposedly had an affair with, had the looks and charms to get any red blooded man’s heart pounding. However,one of her judgments of Elvis was: “He can sing but he can’t do much else”.

Things take on an even darker undertone when you learn that Colonel Tom Parker, who was apparently devoted to Elvis, wasn’t actually a Colonel. However, he too was indeed a Paedophile.

It has also been alleged many, many times that Elvis was at the very least Bi-sexual if not out rightly gay. It is further claimed that the singer had a full on love affair with the openly Bi-sexual actor Nick Adams. The following are extracts taken from Wikipedia:

According to Presley expert Elaine Dundy, “Of all Elvis’ new friends, Nick Adams, by background and temperament the most insecure, was also his closest.” 

The author Peter Guralnick says that the singer “was hanging out more and more with Nick and his friends” and that Elvis was glad Colonel Tom Parker “liked Nick.”

June Wilkinsonalso confirms that the singer “had an entourage who spoke with Southern accents. The only one I remember was Nick Adams, the actor.”

In her recent Elvis biography, Kathleen Tracy writes that Adams was Elvis’s regular friend and often met the singer backstage or at Graceland. “He and Elvis would go motorcycle riding late at night and stay up until all hours talking about the pain of celebrity.” Both men also enjoyed prescription drugs, and Elvis often asked Adams “to stay over on nights.”

According to Alanna Nash’s Baby, Let’s Play House (2010), one of Presley’s most bizarre relationships involved Adams and Natalie Wood. “When Nick took Elvis to a hotel in Malibu where Natalie was spending the weekend with her bisexual boyfriend, actor Scott Marlowe, Natalie got along well with Elvis – and Marlowe was soon out of the equation,” says the source. “Nick, who was also rumoured to be bisexual, Natalie and Elvis became a hot threesome, having a lot of fun together.”

Therefore, Tracy writes that “It has since been speculated in Hollywood gossip that Presley and Adams may have shared some sort of intimate encounter. But there’s no definitive evidence one way or another,” although, according to Hollywood celebrity biographer Darwin Porterand former New York Times reporter Danforth Prince, actor Sal Mineohad confirmed that Adams and Presley “were having oral sex and mutual masturbation”.

Now interestingly enough, in October 2012 someone commented on an article that I had written for this site. In fact, to be more accurate he actually commented twice. The fella in question was named only as Ron and he claimed to have worked as a ‘host’ at some of the hangouts of the rich and famous back in the 1960’s.

Course, reading between the lines I get the impression that ‘host’ translates as male prostitute.

Both comments made certain claims pertaining to the behaviour of some big named movie stars. Now while I cannot say for certain that Ron is genuine, it is worth noting that I did some checking on the place’s that he claimed to have worked at, all of which have long since been closed down.

And of course the fact that they were closed down made the information harder to verify, but I can confirm that after a couple of hours of detective work, those places did indeed exist and were frequented by the stars that Ron names.

Therefore, at the very least if Ron is not genuine, he has done a hell of a lot of research to back his claims. Furthermore, since he was ‘just saying’ and had no ulterior motive, I believe Ron to be 100% genuine.

And as I have just said, Ron’s claims are fascinating and amongst the many big stars he names, Elvis’ name cropped up.

Now the following forms part of both comments made by Ron although I have set out more than needs be, so as you can get an idea as to why I believe him to be genuine. However, despite taking Ron’s words from two different comments, I have not omitted or added any wording. Neither have I corrected any part of the text for Punctuation, grammar or spelling:

i was also the host at The Robin Hood Inn, where I was Host too, John Wayne and his friend, a Chris (I forget his last name, but, he used to be an actor and also owned the Robin Hood Inn in Big Bear, next to the Lake), well, Chris had about 6 of us boys working for him, all beautiful and young and you can guess the rest (he tried to rape me one night, after a night of heavy drinking, they were shooting “North to Alaska”) and my mother and family used to ask me why did I quit so many jobs. Let me tell you, it not only women that have problems being hit on in their jobs. The stories I could tell, but, I won’t, no one knows my name now. I left Hollyweird for good in 1967-68, worn out, dismayed and bitter too, what a phony town!

Posted on October 16th, 2012 at 6:32 amEdit

Ron then says:

I could say more, much more, as I was one of the young studs of Hollyweird in the 60′s, I remember Elvis’s pimp offering me $500.00 jusst to let Elvis blow me…

So there ya go; make of that what you will… Just sayin’.