By Hook Or By Crook


Christopher Spivey.

As soon as I read about that fatal stabbing that supposedly took place outside a Park Lane Nightclub on New Years Eve, I thought that it was bollox.

And the subsequent over reporting on the matter convinces me that I am right. Mind you, fair play to the Monkey-Boys, the story has it all.

The old bollox started as follows:

A bouncer at a private party in London’s exclusive Mayfair district was knifed to death as 2019 got off to a bloody start in the capital.

The security guard is understood to have been trying to stop a group of men from entering the party when he was fatally wounded.

Two other men – security guards aged 37 and 29 – and a 29-year-old woman were also stabbed in the carnage on Park Lane at around 5.30am this morning. 

About 100 yards of London’s iconic Park Lane was cordoned off this evening following the incident, with both police and forensics at the scene.

Meanwhile, a woman was stabbed to death at her home in Camberwell, in the south of the city, at 4.20am. 

This morning, police were called at 5.36am to a property on Park Lane in Mayfair to reports of a stabbing, and attended with London Ambulance Service paramedics.

The police were seen on camera holding an alleged suspect at the scene. 

The doorman, said to be in his early 30s, was found with stab injuries following the private party and pronounced dead at 6.05am. 

Officers have not made any arrests.  Source

So, no arrests were made despite the plod allegedly being photographed holding a suspect… Very strange. Especially since that alleged photograph is not published in the farticle.

Stranger still is the fact that 12 hours prior to publishing that farticle, the Chimp reported the following:

LONDON (AP) – British police said 39 people were arrested Monday on suspicion of attempted murder following a stabbing in west London.

Police said the unusual mass arrest was necessary because the suspects refused to cooperate with police following the stabbing.

London police say they were summoned to an address in the Hammersmith neighborhood of west London shortly before 1 a.m. Monday and found a man in his mid-30s suffering from stab wounds.

The force said “the victim had been chased by a number of male and female suspects following an altercation in a shop.”

The suspects then entered a nearby residence where a party was taking place, police said. They were arrested after officers sent to the residence could not get anyone to answer questions about the stabbing.

Superintendent Mark Lawrence said the arrest of 39 was “appropriate” because of the need to obtain “essential evidence.” Two knives were found close to the scene.

Police say the victim is in critical but stable condition. The suspects have not been identified or charged. Source

So it is safe to say that everyone must have fucked off following the Park Lane stabbing except for the suspect being held by the plod who apparently wasn’t arrested.

Mind you, you can’t blame people for doing so since – going on that second article – suggests that to hang around means you will end up is custardy (no typo).

Nevertheless, from that lead article, it is fair to say that the Chimp is pushing the agenda to portray London as the most violent place on earth… Which to do so convincingly, they needed to ramp the story up further – thus the dead bouncer was elevated to hero status:

The final moments of a bouncer stabbed to death by a mob trying to gatecrash an exclusive New Year’s Eve party at a £12.5million Mayfair townhouse were revealed today.

Tudor Simionov, 33, was filmed fighting off up to nine men seconds before he was murdered outside 80 Park Lane – where a private £2,000-a-table gathering was going on – at 5.30am yesterday.

Mr Simionov is seen pushing the men away and throwing punches as the gang try to storm the luxury apartment block overlooking Hyde Park – but the Snapchat film ends before he was knifed in the chest. 

Footage from after the stabbing shows the mob having vases thrown at them from the foyer with one of the attackers getting smashed in the head and fleeing from the blood-stained doorstep.

My, he really was a super hero wasn’t he?

Moreover, he had only just moved to England in search of a better life – big yawn:

Tudor had moved to the UK from Romania ‘for a better life’ just two months ago and his heartbroken girlfriend has revealed how they had intended to marry and start a family in 2019.

Madalina Anghel said today: ‘Right now I can’t think about him in the past. He was my future husband and we came to London from Romania for a better life. I can’t explain in words how much pain I am in’.  Source  

My, my don’t them Romanians speak good English. I mean his bird clearly seems to and since Tudor was a bouncer, I would imagine that it was crucial that he too spoke English.

Mind you, the fact that the Chimp usually vilify Eastern Europeans rather than portray them as nice people is further evidence of this being fake news… Kinda like the Romanian couple who were caught up in the Westminster Bridge Terrapin Bollox.

Indeed, they too were nice, English speaking Romanians looking forward to getting married when they were hit by Mad Masoods motor. She was knocked over the bridge and miraculously drifted down river whilst the tide was coming in and he was photographed walking onto the bridge ten minutes after the ‘attack’ despite ending up in plaster… A true modern miracle.

But I digress.

Course, someone more cynical than myself might suggest that it is easier to invent someone from abroad than it is to invent someone from our cuntry… But I wouldn’t.

Nevertheless, by this stage in the proceedings there were all manner of photos and videos of Rambo in action:

Yet the cunts can’t even decide where the stabbing took place. I mean in that first article the place was pictured thus:

And by the time the hero article came out, the crime scene was pictured as below:

More bizarrely still, the shit rag cannot decide exactly what the venue is used for. I mean one minute it is upper-class student flats, the next it is an exclusive nightclub – so go and figure.

Course, to further ramp up the bollox it now seems that the party itself was no ordinary party… Indeed it is being insinuated by the Monkey Kuntz that it was a kinky sex party:

The doorman stabbed in Mayfair on New Year’s Eve died protecting wealthy clients at a flamboyant party run by disgraced self-styled aristocrat Lord ‘Fast Eddie’ Davenport, it has been claimed.

The peer, known for his opulent sex parties, was seen helping with the payments on the door at the exclusive late night ‘after-party’ when thugs tried to storm their way into the Park Lane venue where Arab princes, tycoons and revellers were celebrating.

A source told MailOnline: ‘It was a wild party. You name it, it was available.’ 

Doorman Tudor Simionov was killed after being knifed in the chest and the party hostess was also seriously injured when violence erupted at about 5.30am. 

Self-styled ‘Lord’ Davenport, 53, a disgraced former friend to the stars who made his name running ‘Gatecrasher’ balls for public school pupils, was given an eight-year jail term in September 2011 for a £4.5million fraud.  Source

And then today, the Chimp really excelled itself at bollox… No mean feat either, I can tell you.

You see, it now seems that the fella responsible for stabbing Rambo to death is non other than the son of “hate preacher” Abu Hamza AKA Captain Hook:

Abu Hamza’s son is the suspect held in connection with the murder of a doorman outside a Mayfair party on New Year’s Eve, MailOnline can exclusively reveal today. 

Imran Mostafa Kamel, 26, whose radical preacher father was extradited to the US in 2012, was arrested after Tudor Simionov was knifed in the chest when violence erupted in Mayfair at 5.30am on Wednesday. 

Mr Simionov fought off up to nine men seconds before being stabbed to death outside 80 Park Lane – where a private £2,000-a-table gathering allegedly organised by Lord Edward Davenport was going on. 

Kamel appeared at Westminster Magistrates Court this afternoon charged with possession of a firearm with intent to cause fear or danger – but remains a suspect in the murder on January 1. 

MailOnline can reveal Kamel’s father is Abu Hamza, 60, the former imam of the Finsbury Park mosque whose radical views brought him to the attention of the authorities and saw him expelled from Britain.

Tudor moved to the UK with his girlfriend Madalina Anghel for a ‘better life’ two months ago and the couple believed 2019 would be the year they married and started a family.  Source

However, predictably that farticle does not state how Kamel came to be a suspect in the murder since he was allegedly arrested on possession of fire arms… It is not known as yet if Anjem Choudary’s son was with him.

Course you have to ask yourself what the son of a radical Muslim was doing trying to get into a kinky drinking party held by affluent Westerners in the first place… Doesn’t add up does it?

Nevertheless, since Abu Hamza is a well documented CIA asset, it makes sense that Camel Kamel is also in the employ of the Security Services.

In fact it wouldn’t surprise me if he is also charged in the next couple of days with flying drones at Gatwick.

Just sayin’.