3/12/12, Will and Kate and the Netjeru of Abydos


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As we know, on the 3rd of December 2012 (11), St James Palace announced the pregnancy of Cat her ine, Kate Middleton (Goldsmith). On the same date, according to some, ( mainly the 2012 Industry), for the first time in millennia, Venus, Mercury and Saturn were to align with the Pyramids at Giza.

PlanetsoverGizaThe above photo has been all over the net,  bearing in mind it was published back in August I think,  some jumped on it enough for it to be viral in the ‘truth’ movement, due diligence will reveal the not so accurate side to the hype. As with the rest of the dates regarding the inbred Will and Kate in 2012, indeed since their conception, the esoteric has been occulted but more visible in 2012 if that makes sense. The masses should’ve at least thought the Olympic ceremonies were a bit weird, to countless  it was a blatant piss take and massive occult message, I won’t go into detail on it, it was a  foregone conclusion to any after researching Bejing, and frankly I couldn’t be bothered.

beijing 2008 bus

There are many excellent posts if you search, but a few simple pictures should say plenty regarding this post.

child3Child catcher by royal appointment from (C)Shitty bang bang ! crude message but ‘BANG’ on, Saville antics to a t.

2012 Olympic Games - Opening CeremonyBaby with a gash to it’s head, nothing weird here, where do all the children go after abuse?

Most damming of all is the list of 12 young men who have died and whose deaths were linked to their lives in care.

R1: Fell to his death from a railway bridge. Former resident of Bryn Alyn Home.

R2: May, 1978, committed suicide aged 16 by taking an overdose of pain killing tablets. Former resident of Bryn Alyn.

R3: March 1985, was found dead in a flat in which he was living in poverty, aged 21. Former resident of Little Acton Assessment centre.

R4: April 1992, died in a fire aged 32 in premises in which he lived in Sussex. The inquest verdict – unlawful killing. Former resident of Bryn Alyn.

R5: June 1992, found dead aged 18 in a bed-sitter. Cause of death, acute respiratory failure due to solvent abuse. Former resident of Bryn Alyn.

R6: January, 1994, committed suicide by hanging, aged 27.

R7: April, 1994, died aged 27 from alcohol abuse. Allegations that he had been the subject of a serious sexual offence. Former Bryn Estyn resident.

R8: July 1994, found dead in a car, aged 18. Former foster child in Clwyd where he allegedly suffered from maltreatment.

R9: November, 1994, committed suicide aged 16 by hanging.

R10: February, 1995, died from and apparent heroin overdose aged 37. Former resident of Bryn Alyn where it was alleged he had been sexually abused.

R11: February, 1995, hanged himself aged 31. Allegations of sexual abuse against care workers.

R12: May, 1995, found hanging aged 27. Allegations that he had been sexually abused by a senior care worker. Former resident of Bryn Estyn.

http://chris-ukorg.org/        Just a drop in the ocean of blood spilt by those who cover for the sick games of the pillars of community.

Suicided like the nurse and mother of two who passed on a phone message!? or signifying a birth?  The Law of Succession has been changed to allow the first born girl to become Queen, New age of Isis?  they need the baby to be healthy if not sane, It’s not slander it’s fact, they’ve been inbreeding, killing each other and going bonkers for ever and a day, You’d get it checked out wouldn’t you, only natural, did the nurse assist in some way with the unborn?

lennoxluciferAnnie Lennox, dark angel has her covered, there’s tons more, one big occult fest.

Will I am was born  on the Summer Solstice 1982, 21/6/1982=29=11

He married Kate on April 29th,  the 119th day of the year, 66 years to the day of Hitler & Brauns wedding, nothing wrong with that, they’re German! Jewish too as it happens.


April the 29th is also the feast of St Catherine.


April 29th to December 3rd is 218 days – 11

December 3rd to December 21st is 18 days – 9


Tomorrow is 12/12/2012 -11,  sIX days after the 3rd, and 9 days until the 21st, another 9/11 ,watch the press, they won’t be able to resist a little, or god forbid a big message.

18 days is 25,920 minutes, the number of years for the procession of the equinox, a Platonic year, the twelve zodiac (cadoiz = 31415926) divide the sky into 12,

12/25920 =2160 = 6*6*6*10, it is a Platonic month,  the diameter of the moon,  encoded in the Pyramids and Stonehenge,

18 days is 432 hours, the radius of the Sun (432,000) and a Platonic Minute

Diana is the moon goddess, another version of the moon goddess, darker, is  Hecate, The  Romans dedicated the 29th (11) of every month to her,  He cate now wears Dianas ring.

Hecate and Diana,  Astarte, Demeter, Kali, Inanna, the same.


Together, sporting the colours of the moon with a hint of sunlight.

December 3rd is  the Going forth of the Netjeru of Abydos, The Abydos are Isis, Osiris and Horus.

2 days later, the day the Jacintha died, is when Bast goes forth from Bubastis,

Bast_p143Bast’s name was tinkered with to mean “soul of Isis” (ba-Aset) changing her into a form of this popular goddess. They also decided that Bast was a moon goddess, although she was originally considered to be the daughter of Ra and the “Eye of Ra”.



Isis is oft seen with a breast exposed,


Let him who would be deceived, be deceived