Born to be King



I see the sycophantic Daily Mail has a free  glossy magazine about the Royal Baby to accompany their Sunday edition of the newspaper.

The supplement has the imaginatively named title ‘Born to be King’ and no doubt those with the same limited imagination that Georgie boy possesses at the moment will lap it up.

‘Born to be King’ suggests that the Royal baby is something special… He is. In so much as all babies are something special.

In reality George is no more special than my Clayton or your children and grandchildren.

The only reason that the brain-dead, forelock tugging nation believes George to be more special is because they are told that he is by a slick machine, ultimately controlled and  powered by an inherently evil family… But that doesn’t make it true.

At the moment, George is an adorable little bundle of new life… By the time he is five, it will already be established in his brain that those now cooing over him are scum, filth and beyond contempt.

Had he been the Great Grandson of Ian Brady & Myra Hindley, I doubt that there would be any celebrating.

Yet, the only difference in the two baby’s would be that despite his great grandparents notoriety, the Brady/Hindley baby wouldn’t have anywhere near the corrupt, depraved, perverse and parasitic genes running through his body that baby George has.

Stupid is, as stupid does.