Not the Sunday Spiv

Not the Sunday Spiv

Chris Spivey


Someone come and give me a neck and shoulder massage please.

Indeed it has been a proper fuck off last few days.

Oh and happy Not Weirdy Beardy Man in the Skyday to you all by the way.

Now firstly I must apologise for the lack of posts of late.

There are various reasons for this not least the site attack problems which thankfully are now looking like they are sorted – to a certain degree.

I mean, the fact is that whilst Wolfie has complete AAA to the site and works fucking hard and non stop to keep us up and running it is still my name above the door which means I have to pass messages on to him, pay for bits and pieces that he feels necessary to secure the smooth running of things and we usually have a daily chat on Skype so as I am kept up to date on what is what. More

Invasion of the Baby Snatchers

Invasion of the Baby Snatchers

Christopher Spivey


I see that Ian Josephs was in the Daily Mirror last week and apparently the subject of a TV documentary on Tuesday night just gone.

Now for those who don’t know Ian Josephs, he is a Monaco based English businessman who gives out free advice to parents who have fallen foul of the Social Services:

A multi-millionaire is helping pregnant women whose babies are deemed at risk to flee the UK.

Ian Josephs has spent over £30,000 helping 200 to avoid having their newborns taken away by social services.

He pays for their fares to a new life and offers them free legal advice, even paying for lawyers in some cases.

Around 50 have fled to Ireland on his money while another 150 went to France, Spain and Italy.

Forced adoption opponent Mr Josephs, who runs a language business and has a law degree, has defended his decision to fund their escape, despite many already having children in care.

He said: “Social services have moved away from giving families support and are now too quick to take children away. More

Lets get Legless

Lets get Legless

Christopher Spivey



Now, following the support I have received in regard to the Woolwich fraud  I was going to re-release my articles Boston Bollocks parts 1 & 2 over the weekend just gone.

After all, the Woolwich false flag was our equivalent to America’s phony terrorist atrocity.

Course, the Americans like to do things on a large scale which only served to make the evidence of the fraud easier to find.

Indeed, the Boston Bomb hoax made the Woolwich fraud look almost professional.

However, I never got round to re-releasing the articles in the end which I intend to remedy with the release of this one.

Never the less, the hold up has actually done me a favour because it seems that Jeff ‘stumpy‘ Bauman – the fella who pretended to have his legs blown off at the Boston marathon – has been making himself busy of late which obviously makes the Boston Bollocks articles more topical. More

Boston Bollocks Part 1

Boston Bollocks Part 1

Christopher Spivey


It would seem that with so many people not falling for the Boston Bomb Bollocks the powers that be are trying to shore up the official narrative and make the story more credible.

In doing so, they are only succeeding in making the whole thing more improbable.

For example, on the 25th of July 2013 The Daily Caller reported that:

Federal Bureau of Investigation officials ignored warnings about the radical origins and nature of the mosque frequented by the Tsarnaev brothers for years before this April’s deadly Boston Marathon bombings. More

Boston Bollocks Part 2 – The ‘victims’.

Boston Bollocks Part 2 – The ‘victims’.

Christopher Spivey


Okay, let’s have a laugh at these evil, unfunny cunts who masquerade as the Boston Bomb victims.

Where to start? Where to start?

Let’s start with the woman in the Brown sweatshirt, the one that I have always referred to as ‘fat bird’.

“Hold up Spiv! Fat bird wasn’t a victim. She was a co-ordinator or something, but definitely not a victim”.

Fair comment Voice of Reason.

However, she may not have been a victim on the day of the bombings, but she certainly was by the time Dzhokhar Tsarnaev (the young fella blamed for the bomb) reached court. More

The very late Sunday Spiv.

The very late Sunday Spiv.

Christopher Spivey


Good morning, afternoon or evening and a happy Weirdy Beardy Man in the Skyday to you all… Although Sunday will be long gone by the time you read this.

I will tell you what though , it seems a bloody long time ago since I last wrote a Sunday Spiv.

Course, the reason for that is obvious.

Indeed, you may remember me telling you last November that I considered the trial of Michael Adebolajo & Michael Adebowale to be the most important in British history… Well that still stands today.

The government MUST NOT be allowed to get away with the Woolwich stage production.

And in saying that, I am happy to add that I am more than pleased with the response to the evidence that I have put forward so far.

I mean, at one point I looked in danger of becoming as hated as the two Michaels themselves… Something that I was prepared to accept if it meant exposing these corrupt, underhand arseholes for the piss taking cunts that they really are. More

Charity begins at home – The Rigby home

Charity begins at home – The Rigby home

Christopher Spivey


Now I have to say that I am not quite sure where I am going with this article.

Never the less, if it feels right, do it.

On July the 4th of last year, which unbeknown to me back then just so happens to be Lee Rigby’s birthday, I released an article called ‘New Script Writers Please’.

The article was about a fella called Andrew Pilkington who along with two others had been jailed for GBH on a soldier.

Course, what caught my eye about the article was that one of the other assailants was a fella called Lee Rigby along with the fact that Pilkington looked a lot like the “nations hero”. More

Bristol, strange deaths and the defence industry

Bristol, strange deaths and the defence industry

John Hamer


You may remember me writing about Bristol not so long ago in which I stated my belief that the place is a lot more sinister and important to the elites than you would first think.

I came to this conclusion after I noticed that the City was cropping up in articles time and again and certainly out of all proportion to other English cities.

Anyway, it seems that my friend John Hamer – author of the excellent book ‘The Falsification Of History’ –  had also noticed and as such he has sent me the following piece for publication.


Bristol, strange deaths and the defence industry


Between 1985 and the early 1990s more than 30 scientists working on top secret British defence projects, mostly computer technicians, died in very strange and unexplained circumstances.
Several defence contractor companies such as Marconi, Plessey and British Aerospace, among others were involved in what can only be described as a bizarre series of events.In 1986, Vimal Dajibhai, who was working for Marconi Underwater Systems, drove from London to Bristol, a city with which he had no connection and threw himself off the famous Clifton Suspension Bridge located there.

A few months previously, Arshad Sharif, a computer programmer with Marconi Defence Systems, also drove from London to Bristol and strangled himself by tying a rope around his neck and then to a tree, sat behind the wheel of his car and stepped on the accelerator pedal with predictable results. More

Taking the Micks

Taking the Micks

Christopher Spivey


Now it has to be said that Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale are as different as chalk and cheese.

In fact on the 22nd of May 2013 Adebowale looked and acted like one of those tramp nutters that you see walking up and down any given high street in the land who make a right fucking nuisance of themselves.

Now, where Adebowale is concerned there is one incident in particular that needs to be discussed, which was also hinted at in the press last December as being the cause of his descent into madness.

Course, if the MSM are hinting at it then you know that its bollocks.

Never the less, for now we will pretend that it is true. More

Be part of the change.

Be part of the change.

Christopher Spivey



I Received the following e-mail from Orange, who host my site.

Although this is a standard letter to all of their clients the attacks on Orange are exclusively an attempt to silence me.

Wolfie is working closely with Orange, who far from pissed off are doing all they can to keep my site accessible. 

The header photo shows the number of attacks launched against my site.

Anyone trying to access the site via mobile will need to use TOR to do so.

You may also want to ask yourself who has the capability to take down Icelandic servers.

Once you work that out you may want  to ask yourself why the security services are working so hard and spending vast amounts of your money trying to keep me quiet.

Are you not adult enough to make your own mind up about what I write?

Do you not object to your money being used to stop you reading about how corrupt your government is? More

The Odd Bod Plod Squad Bodge Job

The Odd Bod Plod Squad Bodge Job

Christopher Spivey

Do you remember the Daily Mirror video that has been cut and spliced to try hide the fact that the Lee Rigby hoax was nothing more than that… A hoax?

If you do, then you may recall that they had some ex-copper called Peter Kirkham superimposed on the screen talking about how professional the armed police were whilst shooting the two Micks.

Well I am now publicly calling Kirkham a fraud.

Moreover, the Independent Police Complaints Commission concluded that the three firearms officers “acted appropriately“.

Now that is a very good choice of words – “acted appropriately“.

I say that because the armed police officers were acting and as such I now publicly accuse the IPCC of covering up the fraud.

You can find their report HERE

All three of the armed officers (two bald-headed girls and a female copper) quite obviously didn’t have a Scooby-fucking-do0 what they were doing.

In fact, if that is the crème de la’ crème of the British police force then fuck me, we are in trouble.

I therefore now publicly accuse Assistant Commissioner Cressida Dicks of corruption. More

Mugged Off – Just Sayin’.

Mugged Off – Just Sayin’.

Christopher Spivey


Due to some information that I have received today I believe that it would be in my best interests to release more information on Rigby.

So here, have some more.

In fact, lets start with the official photo… The official photograph that is undated and released by the Ministry of Defence is not Lee Rigby… There is no such person as Lee Rigby.

That official photo has been used to raise millions of pounds for Help the Heroes.

Lee McClure’s mother, Lyn Seville alias Rigby, and his half sister Sara McClure (they have different fathers, both McClures) have knowingly perpetuated the lie surrounding  the events that took place on the 22nd of May 2013 in order to deliberately deceive the general public for financial gain.

I publicly accuse them both of defrauding the general public and obtaining money by deception. More

ROTTEN TO THE CORE: An in-depth look at the NSPCC. Part 1 Heinrich Grosskopf.

ROTTEN TO THE CORE: An in-depth look at the NSPCC. Part 1 Heinrich Grosskopf.

Christopher Spivey

In light of Rolf Harris being convicted of being a paedophile and given his connection with the Paedophile protecting NSPCC, I am now re-releasing this article which exposes the vile ‘charity’ for the dangerous organisation they really are.

Jules Winnfield confronts the NSPCC

Jules: What does Christopher Spivey look like?

NSPCC: What?
Jules: What country you from?

NSPCC: What?
Jules: What ain’t no country I ever heard of! They speak English in What?
NSPCC: What?

Jules: Then you know what I’m saying!
Jules: Describe what Christopher Spivey looks like!
NSPCC: What, I-?
Jules: [pointing his gun at the NSPCC's spokesman David Springer] Say what again. SAY WHAT AGAIN. I dare you, I double dare you, motherfucker. Say what one more goddamn time.

NSPCC: He’s w w white…
Jules: Go on.

NSPCC: He’s bald…
Jules: Does he look like a bitch?
NSPCC: What?
[Jules shoots Springer in shoulder] Jules: DOES HE LOOK LIKE A BITCH?

Jules: Then why you try to fuck him like a bitch, David?
NSPCC: I didn’t.
Jules: Yes you did. Yes you did, David Springer. You tried to fuck him. And Christopher Spivey don’t like to be fucked by anybody, except his girlfriend… When he has one.


The NSPCC finally broke their silence yesterday (21/2/13) and responded to the many public demands for them to come clean about their ex-employee and former ANC/MK Terrorist Heinrich Grosskopf.

It would appear that, give or take a few lines, everyone got more or less the same response. The following is probably the fullest. I have highlighted the important bits in Red, as I have also done throughout this report where the text is taken from newspapers or other sources:

Thank you for your enquiry. We’ve now checked through our employment records and can confirm that this man was previously employed with us and that he left the NSPCC in 2005.

We carried out full and thorough Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) checks at the time and established that he had no criminal record and wasn’t wanted by any law enforcement agency.

We were aware of his past links with the African National Congress (ANC). However, the South African Government’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission made clear that ANC members were not considered to have committed criminal acts.

Due to confidentiality, we are unable to discuss further specifics about an individual’s employment record.

Many Thanks

David Springer

David Springer! You sir – be it intentionally or otherwise – are a liar, a fact of which I will hopefully prove beyond all doubt by the end of this report. More

Fallen Angels.

Fallen Angels.

Christopher Spivey


Tina Nimmo and Vikki Cave.


Exactly Voicey.

The pair would no doubt be described as the 4th and 5th ‘Woolwich Angels’ after the terrible trio Ingrid Kennett, Amanda Donnelly & Gemini Donnelly.

Now Tina Nimmo was somewhat of a mystery to me up until the trial of Michaels Adebolajo & Adebowale.

Indeed, the Telegraph & the Sunday Express  – as far as I am aware – were the only two newspapers to actually mention Tina Nimmo back in May 2013.

The following is what the Telegraph had to say about her:

A pub landlady who was photographed helping at the scene immediately after police marksmen shot the two alleged assailants was named as Tina Nimmo, 52. She is unwilling to talk about what happened, but her husband, Peter, said: “She was really shaken up by it all.”

And, along with the photograph and caption found below – that was the full extent of it . More